Esthec decking

This comfortable and contemporary patio by Dutch manufacturer Esthec beautifies and enriches any space through its luxurious appearance and its functional features. This plastic decking can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as: at roof terraces, wellness facilities, along swimming pools and jetties and even as cladding. It is also a durable solution for terraces at hotels, resorts and beach pavilions.

Esthec Terrace offers unprecedented color and texture freedom allowing the terrace to be integrated into the overall design. Esthec is supplied as standard plank profiles. Esthec offers the owner and architect technical and aesthetic benefits. Esthec is responding to the trend of reducing the use of scarce natural resources.

Esthec Terrace is strong, durable, shatterproof and feels comfortable with bare feet. Even in wet conditions, Esthec is slip-resistant. The product does not absorb water and resists most common oils and greases. Esthec is consistent in quality and easy to clean.

Our sister company OutdoorNL is agent of this unique decking product of the Dutch market and due to the specialized knowledge also professional installer worldwide.

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