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Canopies and Slatted Roofs

Corradi’s Bioclimatics are outdoor structures in aluminum, with slats that can be operated by remote control, Based on the orientation of the slats, you can adjust the amount of light and ventilation in the room below, creating a natural and personal microclimate in every season. An ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the outdoors in complete freedom. Corradi’s slat roofs have a timeless style and effortlessly combine design and ease of use to create an elegant blend of functionality and beauty. This creates continuity between indoor and outdoor space.

The slat roof is designed to meet the requirements of any climate and temperature: maximum light and free-flowing ventilation for natural, sunny warmth with fully opened slats; shade and controlled ventilation with partially opened slats that reflect the sun’s rays but still allow airflow through; or fully closed slats on particularly hot days or in gray and rainy weather. Fully closed, the slats are waterproof: ideal, therefore, for those who like to be outside in any weather, but want the comfort of a space that is always welcoming and safe. From your Corradi slat roof, you can enjoy the spectacle of a sudden summer thunderstorm, the gentle tapping of a spring shower or the enchanting atmosphere of the first snow. first snow.

If you combine your slat roof with one of the Corradi screens, or with sliding glass walls, it becomes a place of unparalleled intimacy, where you can live your life the way you want, at any time of day. Even in the evening, because after sunset the LED lighting integrated in the slats or in the gutter profile becomes even more attractive, creating a discreet and irresistible play of light and shadow. That intimate atmosphere is also due to the wide range of colors you can choose from to personalize your slat roof, with variations from anthracite gray to milky white, not to mention a custom color palette or combinations of two colors for a spectacular effect.

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