Classic estate garden with charismatic pond

This classic park garden in Noordwijkerhout graces this stately mansion in a forest and dune landscape. A large project in which we worked seamlessly with our wide network of specialists. The charismatic pond is constructed with a loam technique which gives a natural effect as if the pond has always been there. A course in which we used the latest techniques such as GPS and 3D models to excavate the pond in the best possible way.

The organic footpaths give you the opportunity to walk from manor house to the adjacent carriage houses in a fairytale ambience. Classic materials such as natural stone (which we imported ourselves) in the driveway and gravel in the paths are a strong combination with the exuberant blooms of the plantings. The installation film shows how 1500 m2 of grass is laid by our professionals. The mature trees, garden lighting combined with the fountain and custom-made metal white bridge all contribute to this fairy tale.

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