Country family garden with custom-made outdoor kitchen

This rural family garden has plenty of room for luxury and enjoyment in your own garden. In a central location, we created this self-designed outdoor kitchen, which perfectly combines design and functionality. Discover the high-quality materials, clean lines and craftsmanship evident in every detail. This big green egg comes into its own in this sturdy black powder-coated all aluminum outdoor kitchen. With the extra pitt cooking in the marble-look top, you will effortlessly conjure up all dishes on the table. And with the built-in refrigerator, everything is stocked.

We custom built the canopy adjacent to the home for a year-round garden experience. The garden has been enlarged by expertly installed shoring, and soil improvement was also considered with the existing clay layer and parking solutions for the front yard.

All that remains for the customer is to enjoy on balmy summer evenings with the smell of grilled meat and fresh herbs and the delicious creations that can be prepared on this outdoor kitchen.

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Big Green Egg
PITT cooking

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