Modern garden with prominent outdoor kitchen

Modern garden for the cooking enthusiast in every season. Corradi’s slatted roof canopy has a timeless style and effortlessly combines design and ease of use into an elegant blend of functionality and beauty, see also the integrated LED line. The slatted roof can be open or completely waterproof, and the electric shade cloth on the side provides shelter/shade or cooling when desired.
A robust WWOO outdoor kitchen with sturdy pizza oven complete this outdoor room. The wooden walls are of Fraké wood known for its distinctive appearance, with flame-like markings and black lines for a vibrant look. A nice contrast to the modern custom composite walls. In this project, the challenge was in the accessibility of the garden and the height differences. With our wealth of experience, we coordinate this as efficiently as possible so that inconvenience is also limited in the construction process. Also, the garden had to meet the demand of the VVE which we all took into account. We relieve the client of this from A to Z. So that the client’s only task remains to enjoy this end result.

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