Wellness garden for the whole family

The ultimate garden! This modern family garden blends nicely with the elevation of this dike house and meets all of this family’s sporting and relaxing needs. The height differences in the garden created challenges in the landscaping process. With our solution-oriented approach, we realized expert retaining walls.
It became a garden with eye-catching wellness elements such as the Infinity Pool and the pool house with gym and sauna. We carefully prepared the beautiful miters in the ceramic tile work in our technical drawing work for this high-quality result.
The deep garden leads further to the river and also offers room for a sports field, a custom hardwood sitting pit for the whole family and a boat landing. Surrounded by dancing grasses and fragrant flowers. During construction, we included additional requirements such as the sound barrier. We also included garden security in the process. This garden has its own personality that totally fits this family’s lifestyle.

Realization Architect

Garden Vision


Studio REDD


Partners Location

Atelier Vierkant


Rotterdam area

Surface Photography
1500m2 Hans Gorter


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